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In today’s episode of “Supervision Simplified”, we are thrilled to welcome one of our amazing TheraQueens MacKenzie Bradke to discuss her supervision experience, as well as finding her true passion for working with Therapist Moms.
In this episode of “Supervision Simplified,” Dr. Amy Parks and Valerie Harris discuss the importance of ethics in both the clinical setting and our supervisory relationships, revealing some of the more shocking ethical situations they’ve encountered and how best to avoid these ethical pitfalls.
Professional training and continued education are vital to our ongoing development and understanding, both with our clients and supervisees. But are all accreditations as useful and impactful as we may think? What should we be conscious of when picking our CE programs?

Meet Your Hosts

Dr. Amy F. Parks

Meet Dr. Amy, a supervision expert with over three decades of experience in child and adolescent development. Holding a PhD in Educational Psychology, specializing in child and adolescent developmental neuroscience, she’s a true pioneer in her field. As the founder of Wise Family Wellness in Virginia, Dr. Parks is dedicated to nurturing growth and healing. She’s also the visionary behind the Clinical Supervision Directory, connecting mental health professionals nationwide. Dr. Parks serves as a nationally accredited clinical supervisor and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. An international speaker and soon-to-be author, she’s a wealth of knowledge in clinical supervision. When not immersed in her work, Dr. Parks enjoys reading teen fiction, culinary adventures, and spending time with friends who have boats. Tune in to connect with her on this podcast for a journey of growth and connection that promises to inspire and inform.

Valarie Harris

Meet Valarie, the extraordinary therapist igniting the path to trauma healing. With a Master’s in Professional Counseling and licenses as a LPC and MHSP in Tennessee, she’s a true expert in her field. Valarie’s candid, witty approach helps clients and the public alike connect with the profound impact of trauma. With over a decade of experience, she fearlessly tackles complex cases and advocates passionately through writing, international speaking and guest appearances. As the Clinical Director of a cutting-edge trauma-competent group practice in Clarksville, Valarie empowers others through supervision, consulting, and training. Get ready to be inspired by her expertise, connect with her journey, and embark on a transformative experience.