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In today’s episode of “Supervision Simplified”, we are thrilled to welcome one of our amazing TheraQueens MacKenzie Bradke to discuss her supervision experience, as well as finding her true passion for working with Therapist Moms.
In this episode of “Supervision Simplified,” Dr. Amy Parks and Valerie Harris discuss the importance of ethics in both the clinical setting and our supervisory relationships, revealing some of the more shocking ethical situations they’ve encountered and how best to avoid these ethical pitfalls.
Professional training and continued education are vital to our ongoing development and understanding, both with our clients and supervisees. But are all accreditations as useful and impactful as we may think? What should we be conscious of when picking our CE programs?
How do your generational traits affect your workplace outlook? What considerations should we make when interacting within multigenerational practices? How can we leverage the positive attributes of each generation to provide better supervision outcomes?
In this episode of "Supervision Simplified," Dr. Amy Parks and Valerie Harris return with part two of their series on assessment, this time delving into three advanced tools designed to enhance the supervision experience. These assessments bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering a roadmap for both supervisors and supervisees to navigate the complex landscape of professional development with precision and care.
Are you using assessments to bridge the gap in knowledge and understanding with your supervisees? What important insights can these assessments provide and how can you use them to craft a better supervisory relationship? In today’s episode, Dr. Amy Parks and Valarie Harris focus on the importance of outside-specific assessments, how to utilize them across your supervisory process, and why continued assessments should be the ‘gold standard’ best practice.
In this week’s episode, Dr. Amy Parks and Valarie Harris discuss the importance of being informed and receptive in both our clinical and supervisory settings and how to draw back our inherent biases by expanding our knowledge and exposure to new and uncomfortable ideas. Amy and Valarie discuss the parallel process, where to find and source quality news and information, and how to incorporate these ideas and values into your professional life.
In this episode of “Supervision Simplified,” we explore the extensive skill sets required of today’s supervisors and how broadening these abilities will lead to successful and rewarding outcomes with your supervisees. Amy and Valarie discuss the “trifecta” of coaching, counseling, and teaching as they relate to Supervision while providing their own experience and guidance for expanding these areas in your supervision program.
Dr. Amy Parks and Valarie L. Harris discuss the complexities of interstate licensure, and how the varying designations and state-specific legislations are creating confusion and liability in the supervisory model, as well as the wider mental health profession. Amy and Valarie cover the tax liabilities of 1099 versus W2 for clinicians, why there should be an agreed national standardization for the clinical profession, and how far the National Counseling Compact could go to alleviate some of these issues.
With our friend and colleague Jackie Flynn, we discuss the valuable integration of Play Therapy and EMDR across all age ranges and mental health needs, as well as how these practices can be best applied and taught in the supervisory setting.
In this episode of "Supervision Simplified," Dr. Amy Parks and Valarie Harris discuss real-life supervision stories, covering the challenges and successes they've encountered. They touch on the difficulties of finding the right supervisor, dealing with mismatches, and the impacts of these relationships on professional growth.
By sharing insights on attunement, continuous learning, and the importance of group dynamics, Amy and Valarie offer a roadmap for both supervisors and supervisees to navigate the complexities of clinical growth.
In this "Supervision Simplified" episode, hosts Dr. Amy Parks and Valarie Harris share their paths to becoming clinical supervisors. From their beginnings in school systems and private practice, they delve into the motivations and challenges that shaped their supervisory roles. They discuss the complexities of licensure, the critical role of mentorship, and their commitment to improving supervision practices.
Join us for the first episode of "Supervision Simplified" with hosts Dr. Amy Parks and Valarie Harris as they kick off a groundbreaking journey into the heart of clinical supervision. This isn't just another podcast; it's a mission to revolutionize how mental health professionals engage with supervision.